Oil valve cover leaks are one of the major problems you can face. These leaks can get pretty nasty and may end up damaging your engine. The only way to avoid complete engine failure is to fix this leak as soon as possible.

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This article covers all there is to know about the valve cover leaks. You can visit our workshop for further inspection!


What is a Valve Cover?

A valve cover is the most prominent and visible thing you notice upon lifting the hood. It is a metallic cover placed over the engine head. There is a gasket between valve cover and engine head. This gasket is usually made of rubber.

The purpose of this gasket is to prevent oil leaks by acting as a barrier between the valve cover and the cylinder head.

Purpose of the valve cover

The Audi oil valve cover serves the following purposes:

  • Protects the machinery and other car components from contaminants.
  • Serves as an engine oil container.
  • Provides a shield to the engine valves.

Symptoms of a faulty valve cover in Audi

1. Burning oil smell

If your car is burning oil, it might be due to a faulty oil valve cover in your Audi. When the cover gets damaged, the oil can spill onto different engine parts. These parts usually operate at a high temperature; hence giving off a burning smell when oil falls on them.

2. Smoke

Sometimes, smoke is also produced when oil falls on the hot engine components due to oil leaks. It is also a symptom of damaged valve cover.

3. Low levels of engine oil

If oil levels in your Audi are getting low more often it might happen due to a bad valve cover. You may also notice oil puddles under your Audi. In either cases, seek an Audi repair service near you immediately.

4. Illuminating warning lights

If your valve cover is leaking oil, you will see low oil pressure or check-engine light illuminating on the dashboard of your Audi. Get your car examined by an Auto repair service to avoid any irreparable damage.

Causes of Valve Cover Oil Leaks

Following are some common causes of valve cover oil leaks:

  • Wear and tear
  • Metal Corrosion
  • Cracks or Accidental damage


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