Audi is a German car brand that has been around for more than 100 years. Its vehicles are known for style, performance, and technology. Every other model of this brand is a solid performer. Despite being superior in performance and handling, Audi can still face issues with its steering.
The steering system helps you control the car. You will be comfortable and safe when you are able to maneuver the vehicle easily. But problems may arise in the steering system, making it difficult to handle the vehicle. The issues with the steering system of your Audi can be mild or severe. Whatever the case, you need to address the issue on time by looking for an Audi Auto Shop in Phoenix.
Let us look into the common causes that lead to steering issues in an Audi.

Audi Car Common Issues

1. Faulty Steering Angle Sensor

Audie vehicles contain a steering angle sensor (SAS). This sensor is beneficial in detecting the angles and position of the steering wheel and plays a very important role in different safety systems of the car, including traction control and stability control. It is located within the steering column and always has more than one sensor packaged in a single unit.
A faulty or misaligned steering angle sensor can cause issues in the steering system. Your vehicle will start showing signs like an illuminated warning light in the dash, loss of steering assist, or excessive play in the steering wheel.

2. Steering Fluid Leaks

There can be a leak in the power steering system of your Audi that you might be unaware of. Leaks can cause a lack of power, which makes it difficult to steer your vehicle. A damaged hose, pump, or worn-out seal can lead to leakage. While the leak can be visible from the outside in many cases, it can also be internal, not visible from the outside.
No matter where the leakage is, you should instantly Google “German Audi Experts near me” to get the issue resolved on time.

3. Improper Tire Pressure

Steering issues may also occur due to improper tire pressure or misalignment. This usually leads to a pulling sensation to one side or sometimes an off-center steering wheel. When the tire pressure is incorrect, it affects the responsiveness and handling of the car.
If you face any issues with the steering handling, wheel alignment should be the first thing you should get checked.

Audi Car Common Issues

4. Suspension Issues

Problems with the suspension system of your Audi might not directly affect the steering performance, but it does have an impact. Damage to various suspension parts like struts, shocks, and control arms affects the overall handling and stability of the vehicle.
If you experience a somewhat bumpy ride or notice the vehicle leaning to one side, it is a sign that there’s something wrong with the car’s suspension. Instantly search for an Audi Repair near me to get the issue diagnosed and repaired on time.

5. Electronic Steering Systems

Audi has introduced electronic steering systems in most of its newer models that comprise various actuators and sensors for effective handling using a steering wheel. Malfunctioning in these components can also lead to poor handling in Audi. There can be damage in the actuator or a malfunction in the sensors. Such a problem will be indicated by an illuminating light on the dashboard.
When you see that, take your vehicle to the nearest Audi repair shop to prevent any more damage.

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