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Not only is Mercedes a reliable brand, but the automobiles it produces also have unique designs and give the best driving experience. They are known for delivering engineering excellence. When it comes to business and luxury cars, Mercedes is the number one choice for people. 


Learn For About Some Of Common Problem That Can Occur With You Mercedes 


However, you will be disappointed to learn that Mercedes cars have some common issues people observe after a few years of driving them. You need to take your car to a Mercedes Repair Shop if any problem arises. Let us shed some light on the common problems that you might come across if you own a Mercedes. 

  • Transmission Problems

The 5-speed transmission of Mercedes is very strong. However, the problem is with its components. The issues typically arise in the valve body of transmission and the 13-pin connector. This further starts damaging the other parts of your car. 


A faulty 13-pin connector can cause a transmission slip that causes transmission fluid leakage. The fluid spills onto the wiring harness. All this ultimately damages the control module. 


Similarly, when the valves go bad, the channels wear away, causing the whole unit to become distorted. This can lead to bad shifting and fluid leaks and makes it difficult to go into gear. 


You can visit a Mercedes Repair Shop near you to get the issue fixed. Such problems do not require removing the transmission to repair. 

  • Clogged Catalytic Converters

These issues are common in Mercedes cars that have more than 8,000 kilometers in them. Clogging occurs in the catalytic converters, making them ineffective. The mere clogging of catalytic converters can cause several other issues, including misfiring and hesitations. You will also notice inefficiency in the general performance of the car. 


When such an issue occurs, you need to replace the whole catalytic converter, which is very expensive. However, you can take your car to German Auto Service and Sales to get the issue fixed at reasonable rates. 


  • Problems with Air Suspension

Mercedes introduced air suspension in its vehicles in the year 2000. There is no doubt that air suspension improves the driving experience, but this system has many downsides. Air suspension bags may become malfunctioned due to moisture or rust. You will observe symptoms like irregular tire wear or altered ride heights. Failed struts make the car unsafe to drive; therefore, it demands instant repair. 



  • Brake Issues

Delays in the releasing of brakes and brake sticking are very common issues in Mercedes. Popping sounds are also experienced by Mercedes drivers on acceleration. Though these problems do not give birth to any bigger damage, they might empty your pockets when you go for a Mercedes car repair


The other problems include strange noises, vibration, and a reduction in braking power. Such brakes can, in turn, damage the rotors and brake pads. 


In order to solve this issue, you need the help of German Auto Service and Sales.

  • Rust

Rust is another major issue with Mercedes cars. Though the rust issues were common in older models, enough new models of Mercedes have experienced this problem that it becomes worth mentioning. Rusting typically occurs around the bumpers or near the wheel wells. You may also find it behind the car’s license plate or at the bottom of its doors. 


The problem arose when Mercedes started using low-quality steel and less amount of paint. As a result, it caused thinning at some points, which became an easy target for rust. Saving a Mercedes from rust is very costly, so if you plan to purchase one, carefully inspect the car for rust. 

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If you find any of the above-mentioned problems in your Mercedes, you will need excellent auto service to keep your Mercedes working efficiently. We are German Auto Service and Sales, known to provide the best repair services for Mercedes.  


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