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The luxury cars that BMW produces are well known for their powerful engines and unique designs. Its brake and traction systems, safety, and driving control are top-notch. Still, this couldn’t make BMW immune to parts failure. The most common case reported in BMW is PCV valve failure. The signs and consequences of PCV failure can be drastic. So, let us shed light on how PCV valves work and what can be the possible causes and signs of faulty PCV valves on your BMW.

How do PCV Valves Work?

PCV valves were manufactured in the 1960s when scientists discovered that automobile engines were one of the significant smog contributors. The PCV system controls the number of crankcase gasses entering the car’s system.


Positive Crankcase Ventilation, commonly known as PCV, helps reduce air pollution. It is a plastic component that pulls harmful vapors from your car’s engine and takes them into the intake manifold. This way, these vapors don’t release into the environment and reduce air pollution.


The PCV valve is typically black in color with a red handle. It is located under the hood of your BMW. The valve is manufactured such that it sucks the harmful gasses and takes them away from the crankcase. They are again recycled into the engine by the valves. The blow-by gasses are burned here.

Causes of PCV Failure

PCV valves fail either because they are clogged or because they have aged.


Clogging: Clogging causes the PCV valves to be stuck in a closed position. This happens as the contaminants start building up. The buildup clog eventually causes oil leaks and other issues. This situation demands immediate replacement of PCV valves. You can take your car to the Best BMW Repair Shop in Phoenix to get the PCV valves replaced.


Age: Exposure to extreme temperatures and pressure deteriorates the PCV valves, which stay stuck in an open position. Such conditions can even cause cracking and swelling of its parts. Engine misfiring and increased fuel consumption are often due to this issue. Yet again, whatever the cause be, you need to look for a professional European Auto Repair Shop in Phoenix to get the PCV system replaced.

What Are the Signs of Faulty PCV Valves on Your BMW

A faulty PCV valve doesn’t regulate the intake of gasses as it usually does. As a result, the gasses start building up, which ultimately forms a sludge. This not only damages the engine but also pollutes the oil in your car. You might continue to get an Oil change for your BMW, not knowing it is getting contaminated due to the faulty PCV valves.


Here are a few sins that you might observe in case of faulty PCV valves.


Leaking Oil: Oil leaks can be due to several reasons. It is one of the signs of a damaged PCV system.


Emission of Black Smoke from Exhaust: Normally, the smoke coming from the exhaust has no color. But when it starts appearing gray or black, it clearly indicates something is wrong with the engine and possibly with the PCV valves.


Knocking Engine: The buildup of oily carbon deposits inside the combustion chamber causes engine knocking. This is severely harmful to the engine.


Increased Fuel Consumption: If you notice that your BMW consumes more fuel than usual, there could be something wrong with the PCV valves.


Misfires: A faulty PCV system causes jerking or shaking of the car when accelerated. If you notice such movements, it is definitely the misfire that indicates there’s an issue with the PCV valves.

How to Prevent the Issue?

First and foremost, keep up with the regular maintenance of your car. This will include the PCV system as well. Regular cleaning, engine tune-ups, and changing the oil can help increase the lifespan of your car’s PCV system. This doesn’t mean that it will never get damaged because it sure does. You will only have a shorter life span of PCV if not regularly maintained.

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