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A small but very essential component of your Land Rover is a gear selector bushing. It has its role in the transmission system, and you will find it placed between the gear selector lever and the transmission linkage. This component is typically made of rubber or plastic.


Once you start your vehicle, you must instantly use the shift selector cable. This is necessary to put the car in proper gear. This small component will be responsible for every action you want your car to do.


Over time, this gear selector wears down or may get damaged due to any other issue. In either case, it will cause problems in operating the vehicle. Let us shed some light on some issues that you can face with your gear selector bushing.

Common Problems with Gear Selectors On You Land Rover

Here are some common issues that you can expect from this bushing piece.

1.    The Issue with Gear Shifting

A worn-out or damaged gear causes problems with the transmission by making it slip or grind. If this issue continues over a long time, it will severely damage the transmission system. In such a situation, you will face difficulty in shifting gears while driving. When you observe so, there must be something wrong with the transmission, clutch, or gear selector. Have your Land Rover checked in such a case to find the right solution.

2.    Misalignment

If the gear selector bushing is damaged, it is likely to become misaligned with the transmission linkage. As a result, you won’t be able to select some gears, or it will become very difficult. Due to this misalignment, there can also be excessive wear on the transmission system.

3.    Transmission Stuck in One Gear

This is another common symptom that people observe in Land Rover. The problem with the gear selector bushing causes the transmission to get stuck in one gear. A problem with the shaft rail, linkage assembly, or driver gear teeth may cause the transmission to remain stuck in one gear. Look for the best Land Rover repair shop in Phoenix to find the actual issue and hence its solution.

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Fixing the Issue With The Gear Selector On Your Land Rover

You cannot save the gear selector bushing from getting disintegrated over time. Wear and tear of an excessively used part is natural, and so you will observe the gear selector lever getting loose with time. With the wearing of the bushing, the strength to engage gears will be lost; as a result, you will have to apply more force to keep it in gear.


Repairing the bushing is practically not possible, no matter what material it is made of. You have to replace the whole system as you will find the complete gear selector kit. Instead of trying to fix things yourself, it is better to take your Land Rover to an expert. Finding  German Auto Repair and Maintenance near me won’t be difficult as we are there serving our clients for so many years in Phoenix.

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