The matchless comfort and sleek design of Land Rovers make them one of a kind. It is often considered synonymous with luxury. Land Rovers bring some of the most affordable SUVs having the off-road capability. Land Rover is an iconic British car manufacturer that includes a sunroof as well.


Sunroofs allow you to enjoy the sun’s warmth while keeping your privacy at the same time. We can enjoy the fresh air and aesthetic sunlight falling into our car, but it doesn’t remain so aesthetic when the sunroof starts leaking, and rain drops down the cabin.


The repair and replacement cost of the sunroof varies depending upon the severity of the damage. However, finding the exact cost of repair can be difficult as it includes many factors in determining the cost.

Possible Causes of Sunroof Leak

  • Clogged Drains: The draining system of Land Rovers comprises gutters and drainpipes that are present at each corner of the sunroof. From the plastic pipes, the water moves to the car’s body and finally to the ground, but since the tubes are quite narrow, they can easily get clogged, thereby blocking the whole drainage system. In such a case, water doesn’t drain adequately and starts dripping inside the cabin of your vehicle.
  • Glass Failure: The sunroof glass may get cracked due to extreme weather conditions, which causes water leaks. You can take your vehicle to German Auto Service & Sales to resolve the issue.
  • Sunroof Seal: The sunroof is secured with watertight rubber seals. They tend to wear out over time and cause leaking during rainy weather.
  • Operating Error: Car owner usually has no idea how sunroofs work, so they improperly open and close the sunroof. This causes early wear, which demands an instant repair.

Signs of Broken Sunroof

The common sign of a broken sunroof is you feel air inside a moving car even when all the windows, including the sunroof, are closed. The air can be clearly felt on the passenger seat, making the ride extremely uncomfortable. Since a broken sunroof doesn’t close well, you might find leaves and small insects entering your car. You may also feel a hindrance in opening or closing a broken sunroof.


To avoid early damage to your sunroof, you should park your Land Rover at a safe place where its drainage system cannot get blocked. You should also learn to open and close the sunroof carefully so that it stays in perfect condition for a longer time.


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