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Do you own a Volkswagen and struggling with some issues related to your vehicle? Are you experiencing rough idling and poor fuel economy? Do you think that the MAF sensor of your Volkswagen is faulty? If yes, then stop worrying anymore because our German Auto Repair Service has got you covered with all the necessary information you’re looking for!

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What does a Mass Air Flow sensor do?

The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor of a vehicle is an important component that determines the mass of the air entering the electronic fuel injection system of the car engine. Apart from determining this air density, it also monitors, controls, and matches the same temperature and weight of the air as it is already present in the engine.

In addition to that, it also passes this necessary information to the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU then determines the amount of fuel that should be injected by the injectors into the engine for smooth functioning and performance.

A vehicle requires a proper amount of air along with the fuel to run. The MAF sensor not only ensures the accurate air-to-fuel ratio for optimum performance but also ensures the smooth running of the car engine.

Causes of a bad MAF sensor

Unfortunately, the MAF sensor becomes worn out or faulty with time. There might be several possible reasons behind this. Here we have listed some of these reasons:


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Symptoms of a faulty MAF sensor

If you notice some symptoms like illuminating of check engine light, engine power loss, drop in acceleration, or changed fuel consumption, your Volkswagen might have a faulty MAF sensor. Here are some symptoms of a bad MAF sensor:

1. Rough Idling

It is the most common symptom of a bad MAF sensor. If you notice rough idling and shaking of your car more than usual, then it might be indicating the faulty MAF sensor. The inaccurate air-to-fuel ratio due to the poor MAF sensor causes rumbling under the hood, and your vehicle idles roughly.

2. Tough ride

Due to failed fuel ignition, the vehicle gets misfired or becomes difficult to even drive. It becomes extremely hard to accelerate and gain speed. The vehicle may also stop or get stalled for this reason, which is quite dangerous. It happens when the MAF sensor fails to perform efficiently.

3. Poor fuel economy

If you find yourself at fuel pumps more than normal, it might be a sign of a bad MAF sensor. Due to a faulty MAF sensor, the OBD gets into action and starts to determine the amount of fuel required for the engine to correctly match the air entering the intake manifold. It lacks information and hence, causes the engine to consume more fuel. In this way, the fuel economy gets affected negatively.

4. Black smoke

If you notice black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, this might be possible because of the very rich air-fuel mixture. Also, if you notice grey-colored smoke in a more-than-normal amount, it might be an indication of a faulty MAF sensor.

How can you deal with a faulty MAF sensor?

To avoid the malfunctions of your car components, you should get your vehicle regularly checked. You should take your vehicle to any nearby auto repair service for getting your vehicle properly examined. It might sound time-consuming and costly, but it can help save you a lot of money in the longer run.

Moreover, if your Volkswagen MAF sensor becomes faulty, we strictly recommend getting it changed by a professional on time. They know the proper installation process and might save you from future mishaps.


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