Mercedes Mechanic


Getting your hands on luxury cars like Mercedes can be easy, but maintaining them is not. Such vehicles need a proper inspection by a professional Mercedes mechanic every now and then to find out if there is any hidden fault in the car.


Mercedes come with unique technologies every time. But the situation can be worse when such things begin to fail, making it difficult to repair the damage. Vacuum door lock failure is one such issue in Mercedes, which is difficult to suspect. However, you can look for some signs to know if the vacuum door lock of your Mercedes has failed.

Signs Of Vacuum Door lock Failure

The door lock system of Mercedes is smartly designed to allow quick and easy way to lock all the doors simultaneously. Though there are no electrical components attached to the system, door lock failure can occur due to mechanical failure of the system.


When you notice that you feel difficulty locking one or more doors of your Mercedes, know that it is beginning to fail. All the door locks will not fail simultaneously. Instead, the failure of door locks in Mercedes is a systematic process that occurs one by one. Failure of the components that make the door lock function, makes it difficult to lock. You can visit a Mercedes repair shop near you to get the issue fixed.

Why Does Vacuum Door Lock Fail?

Since a vacuum door lock has a number of components, mechanical failure to any of those components can lead to door lock failure. In such a situation, the door remains unlocked. Here is why it fails:


Air Pump Failure: There is an air pump just beneath the first passenger seat of the Mercedes. This allows air movement, which keeps the vacuum lock in the working system. Mechanical failure in the pump can cause the air to leak, preventing it from creating enough vacuum needed for the lock operation.


Actuator: There is an actuator with each door lock that makes it work. Failure in the actuator makes it difficult to lock and unlock the door. Depending on the type of actuator your Mercedes’s door lock is equipped with, it can be repaired or replaced.


System Ageing: Things deteriorate over time and become difficult to operate as they age. The same is the case with the vacuum door locking system of Mercedes. Since most parts of this system are made of plastic, they can become brittle and dry and, thus, break down over time. You can take your Mercedes to out German Auto Repair shop to find out which part of the system has failed and get it repaired.


If you notice any sign of door lock failure in your Mercedes, bring it to German Auto Service And Sales in Phoenix, AZ & Surrounding cities right away.  Our expert mechanics in our team will check out the issue and help you get it fixed at reasonable rates. Reach out to us today to get your Mercedes repaired so you can hit the road again safely.