Driving a luxury vehicle like Jaguar is a privilege, but maintaining it requires your attention and time. Jaguar is not only about lavishness; it provides high performance and comfort as well. To maintain efficiency, air suspensions are included in Jaguars. Self-leveling suspension is an exclusive feature in it. However, it is a complex system that starts performing ineffectively if any one of its components fails. 

Why is Air Suspension Important?

A system that uses pressurized air to perform its functions is a pneumatic system. Air suspension is one such system that consists of a number of parts. Failure in any of the parts results in the defection of the whole system. 

Air compressors and airbags are two important components that control the functioning and effectiveness of the suspension system. An air compressor works by pumping pressurized air into the airbags that ultimately escalates the Jaguar from the ground. Any sort of damage to the air compressor or leak in airbags leads to suspension failure. 

An experienced Jaguar mechanic can immediately notice faulty suspension. Therefore, get your Jaguar to a German Auto Repair Shop near you if you observe a slight fault in your Jaguar’s suspension. 

Signs Of Suspension Failure To Look For 

If you own a Jaguar, it is necessary to know the signs of air suspension failure. This way, you will be able to get the problem diagnosed on time and get the servicing it needs. The following section covers the common signs of air suspension failure. 

Reduced Vehicle Performance

You will observe drastic changes in the performance of your car if any part of the suspension fails. The suspension works to maximize the friction between the road and your car and thus allows good handling and provides steering stability. The faulty suspension will make it difficult to handle the car. 

Strange Sound

Airbags continue to work for a while, even if you turn off your car. However, in case of air leaks in any air bag, the compressor will continue to work. This will produce weird noises continuously and indicates that something is wrong with the air suspension. 

Uncomfortable Driving

Jaguar feels very smooth while driving. All Jaguar owners know that well. But if you feel uncomfortable while driving or feel that the car is just too low to the ground, it is a sign that something is wrong. Get the air suspension of your Jaguar checked by a Jaguar mechanic right away. 

What Causes of Suspension Failure In You Jaguar?

Suspension failure has two common reasons; air leaks and air compressor failure. Let’s talk more about how this affects your Jaguar. 

Air Leaks 

Airbags can get punctured and damaged. If any airbags get leaked, the whole suspension will perform ineffectively. The damaged airbag will not get air filled in it adequately. This results in the car sitting lower than normal. 

Air Compressor Failure 

The air compressor in Jaguar works very similarly to that in an air conditioner. Since the function of an air compressor is to pump pressurized air into the airbag, any failure in it will make the compressor incapable of filling the airbags. Inadequate lubrication and filter clogs usually serve as the cause of compressor failure. 

What is the Solution to Suspension Failure?

Installing a new airbag suspension is quite easy for an experienced person. You can get your hands on a high-quality air suspension kit by searching it online. But getting it installed by an experienced Jaguar mechanicis less risky. 

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You should look for a German Auto shop in Phoenix to repair the suspension of your Jaguar. This way, you can rest assured of the quality of care your Jaguar receives. At German Auto Service & Sales our Jaguar mechanics in Phoenix you can make the correct diagnosis and finally repair it without causing any more damage. 

The German Auto Repair technician should be able to understand that your Jaguar is a unique model and it deserves special attention. 


Don’t take suspension issues lightly. Go to a nearby mechanic instantly to find the problem with the suspension system of your Jaguar. Delaying it will only lead to a bigger issue. 

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