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Do you own a BMW but the overheating problem of its engine makes you worrisome? If you live in Phoenix and want to get rid of this overheating issue, then this article is for you!

BMW is famous for producing reliable cars of the luxury segment. But, overheating of engines is one of the most frequent issues with BMW cars. The overheating problem is mostly observed during the warmer months of the year. However, regular maintenance ensures that your BMW runs smoothly.

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Causes of overheating of BMW engines

There might be several reasons behind the overheating of BMW engines. Some of the most usual causes are:

  1. Leakage of engine coolant

A coolant is necessary to maintain the temperature of internal combustion engines. If there is a leak there isn’t enough coolant to remove heat produced during the engine cycle. It leads to the overheating of the engine.

  1. Water pump malfunction

The water pump helps in maintaining the optimal temperature of the engine by pumping water and coolant mixture in the water jackets surrounding the engine block. When water pump malfunctions, the removal of heat from the engine isn’t that efficient.

  1. Clogged cooling system

The cooling system might get clogged due to dust & debris. In such a case, it hinders the coolant from easily flowing through the water jackets around the engine block. You can visit any BMW repair shop to get this issue resolved.

  1. Incorrect coolant

Each BMW model requires a specific type of coolant to prevent overheating of the engine. All of them have different mixing ratios (ethylene glycol & water) and viscosities. You can check your owner’s manual to know about the right coolant type of your BMW model. Using the wrong coolant might lead to overheating of the engine.

  1. Cooling fan malfunction

The cooling fan ensures that air gets passed through the radiator. It aids in heat removal from hot coolant passing through radiator tubes. If the fan malfunctions, it leads to engine overheating.

Symptoms of BMW engine overheating

The following illustration shows some symptoms of engine overheating in BMW vehicles:


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It is always smart to trust the professionals, in case your BMW vehicle faces overheating issues while running on the roads. These professionals will diagnose the root cause of the overheating and fix it. For the best BMW and German auto repair shop in Phoenix, call the German Auto Service today!


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