Summer is here and we are witnessing hot weather. What does that mean for your BMW? Worry not, because we’ve got your back. We will provide you with the best BMW service and maintenance inspection in Phoenix, Arizona. Our trained team of technicians knows what your car needs to keep functioning well at these temperatures.


What Inspections Should Be Done On Your BMW?

To check if your car requires a maintenance visit to a garage after the change of season, we recommend a checklist you can go through to take a look at five important subsystems of your BMW.

    1. Battery and Electricals: Batteries should be checked for corrosion-free and secure connections. Ignorance will result in your car’s electrical systems malfunctioning at an unlikely time. As a rule of thumb, batteries need to be replaced after three years of regular use and depending on the history, maybe sooner. Therefore, it is recommended to get your BMW checked for battery performance at our workshop.
    2. Oils and Fluids: Make sure you get your engine oil changed at the recommended intervals for your vehicle. Oil change intervals recommended by BMW vary by model. While BMW M automobiles require break-in oil changes after 1,200 miles, the majority of their other vehicles require oil changes after 10,000 miles or 12 months. Changing the engine oil in your car extends its life and refreshes its internal parts. Not only that, it prevents your money from being spent on a massive overhaul. Fluids for parts like brakes, transmission, power steering, coolant, and windshield washers should all be checked on a regular basis.
    3. HVAC System: In this heat of summer, appropriate and suitable interior temperature for occupants is important. After all, your car is meant for your comfort. This demands you keep a check on HVAC systems. Any out-of-line behavior ought to be resolved.
    4. Brakes Assemblies: Brakes are a part of your vehicle that communicates with you. You know what they are up to just by noticing the difference in how they react. Any unusual sound or feeling while you press the pedal should not be ignored. They are responsible for the safety of you and your car.
  1. Tire Pressure and Tread: Tires see most of the road abuse, therefore, it is usual for them to lose pressure and/or tread. You should frequently check the amount of tread on your tire. Any deformed spot points toward tire replacement or rotation. Not only this, tire miss alignment is usually not noticeable. This demands that you have them checked at regular intervals. Rotation and Alignment extend the life of your tires and are good practice.

Count On Us To Provide The Best Auto Service and Maintenance For Your BMW

Head to German Auto Service and get your BMW inspection to make sure your vehicle will get through the Phoenix summer. After tending to the needs of people here in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas of Scottsdale, Chandler, Glendale, and Tempe for at least 13 years, we have gained enough experience to be experts in what we do. You can count on us. We stand by our claim.

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