You may have heard that Volkswagens are somewhat notorious for their coolant temperature sensors failing. If the coolant sensor fails on you, then the least you could expect is an engine light coming on.

Though at face value it may not seem that big a deal but since the output of the sensor is used to decide engine critical operating parameters. A failed coolant temperature sensor could end up causing damage to other parts as well. This can result in costing you a lot on repairs if the issue is not diagnosed in time. Typical Volkswagen coolant temperature sensor failure signs include

  • Check Engine light ON
  • Poor gas mileage
  • Overheating engine
  • Stalls
  • Worse emissions.

These all result from the fact that the fuel-air ratio in a modern Volkswagen is decided in some part by the engine coolant temperature, which when malfunctions could lead to the problems discussed above

Coolant Temperature Sensor

Let’s go over what a coolant temperature sensor is and what it does. As the name suggests, it is responsible for monitoring the coolant temperature at its hottest point before the radiator just after the engine. Therefore, it is subjected to a fair amount of abuse. However, these are rated for such conditions. The information from the temperature Sensor is gathered by the ECU to monitor the driving conditions and it may even decide the fuel input to bring the temperature up or down to the set value.

What to do about it?

Typically, your recourse is to replace the sensor since modern sensors cannot really be repaired in most cases. Usually, such sensors are rated for 100,000 miles but fail sooner in cars that haven’t been kept up with scheduled maintenance. Even with proper maintenance, these can still sometimes fail due to harsh conditions. Normally, the complete coolant temperature sensor is replaced and a new one installed. Proper installation is key since it is in contact with the coolant thus leaks are likely upon improper installation.

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